It is the year 511 of the First Age.

In less than a generation of Men the world has fallen into ruin. Amidst rivers of fire the Siege of Angband that long held peace in Beleriand was broken – the defenses of the Noldor cast down by the might of Morgoth’s dark host. Most who would defy the Dark Lord fell upon the ashen plains, their once great halls abandoned to silence and death. Those who remain are divided by jealousy, greed, and the terrible oaths of their forefathers.

Remnants of these shattered houses have gathered at the Mouths of Sirion, where the Great River flows into the Bay of Balar. Though mercifully hidden from Morgoth’s sight thus far, these new havens have many enemies and few allies…

And should they fall, with them beauty, nobility, and good perish from the mortal lands of Arda.


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Based on the Fate RPG 2.0 system (SRD), this game will be hosted on DnD Online Games forums.

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