Nárril Orosindëon

A brilliant but violent Noldo captain in service to the Sons of Fëanor.



Kinslayer []
Loyalist [][]
Protective []
Tactician []
Bloodlust [][]


Archery [] (Average)
Thrown [][] (Fair)
Two-Handed [][][] (Good)
Acrobatics [] (Average)
Endurance [] (Average)
Athletics [][][] (Good)
Cunning [][] (Fair)
Awareness [][] (Fair)
Spot [] (Average)
Riding [][] (Fair)
Intimidate [][][][] (Great)
Inspiration [][][] (Good)
Linguistics [] (Average) – Sindarin
Hunting [] (Average)
Survival [] (Average)


Though his given name is Nárril, this accomplished captain is more widely known as Authruin. Born in Aman, Authruin returned to Beleriand as a young soldier in service to the Sons of Fëanor, and is among the Kinslayers with elven blood on their hands. Today he is a well respected leader, having survived both the Dagor Bragollach and the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, though not without scars.

Though he came to Beleriand alone, the House of Orosindëon has flourished since coming east over the sea. With a wife and two daughters, Authruin has more reason than ever to take every step necessary to secure the safety and security of his household. Some say that in recent years he is becoming more cautious and defensive.

Whether that is true or not, Authruin remains a somewhat terrifying man. Having fought in many battles of renown and having lived to tell about all of them, Authruin has spilled the blood of not only orcs, but men and elves as well; and it is said by some that he has grown too accustomed to bloodshed and violence. What makes him even more dangerous, however, is his remarkable ability to draw others to his banner, and no small number of Sindar and Nandor have been drawn to his banner by tales of glory anbd honor only to find themselves fighting not only orcs.

Nárril Orosindëon

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