The Ladder

Value Descriptor
+6 Legendary
+5 Epic
+4 Superb
+3 Great
+2 Good
+1 Fair
0 Average
-1 Mediocre
-2 Poor
-3 Terrible
-4 Abysmal

DnDOG’s online dice roller makes rolling in the FATE system easier than ever. To determine the outcome of a test or challenge, simply roll 4d3-8 and add the result to your base skill level, then compare to the difficulty of the test.

Combat Pacing: Combat will default to exchange-based pacing, though in some cases scene based combat will be used. Turn-based combat will never be used.

Skills: The standard pyramid is in effect. This means that in order to have a given number of skills at any given tier, you must have one more skill in the tier below that. For example, to have 1 skill at Great, a character must have 2 skills at Good, which requires 3 skills at Fair, which requires 4 skills at Average.

All skills are assumed to default to Mediocre, except for Magical skills which default to Abysmal.


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