Meaning “laced with fire”, this plant is also known as erellurin (“green heat”) and burn nettle.


Ûraen grows in stalks that are commonly tall enough to reach the knees or hands. Its elongated, serrated leaves are covered in small fibers, and in the warmer months it blooms with dense clusters of tiny green and brown flowers.


There are two varieties of Ûraen.

The first, known sometimes as fen nettle, grows in wetlands and along riverbanks. It is particularly widespread in Nan-Tathren, Fens of Sirion, and Fen of Serech, where it grows in large, dense clumps near water.

The second variety grows in lowlands that recieve large amounts of rain. Though smaller and less densely grown, this variety is often found in ruins and other locations that were once inhabited.

Other Notes

Burn nettle earns its name from the keen burning sensation it leaves on those who touch it. Typically, the skin stings for ten to fifteen minutes, followed by numbness for an hour or two. Fen nettle is milder, often leaving only mild irritation.

Despite this, Ûraen is known for being both edible and medicinal. Boiled nettle can be eaten safely or made into tea that is known to relieve minor pains and stresses. Fresh nettle, on the other hand, can help stop bleeding and alleviate many long term maladies, though most are understandably loathe to consume it.


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